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Max Eremine


















I first noticed Atlanta-based Max Eremine‘s name while doing a post on Angelina Porcelli, as I was searching for a suitable wide, shallow photograph for the featured image above the title: and not finding one, cheated a little by rotating a Vogue cover of her Max had done while she was lying down –  which made perfect visual sense – here’s the original:


…..then I came across the first image in the gallery (of the girl in rompers sitting on a kitchen counter top), while following through from some lovely shots of the model, Maisie de Krassel, on Vika Pobeda‘s site. It isn’t very representative of Max’s oeuvre, in fact, as he does very few “straight” portraits like that – most are dark, dramatic and highly inventive. In fact he tagged the portrait of Maisie as #Gothic on Instagram – I wonder how he tags the “Ritual” editorial images he did for  Child Model Magazine (see Facebook link below)?

He has an interesting stance on makeup and child models: read his comment accompanying this Facebook photo:

… interesting point of view, and for me doubly important because I see very little difference in his treatment of kids and adults photographically. If you go through his Facebook /Instagram photostreams, you realise that he did little work with girls (he hardly shoots boys or men at all) until relatively recently – and he only started shooting adult models in 2010 – and continued the “dark, dramatic and inventive” style that I just mentioned, even with young girls. He does quite a lot of semi-nude adult studies, but there’s little eroticism – even with the odd exposed nipple – the effect is purely the use of light to create sculptural, moody portraits.

I’ll finish with one old friend, Kristin Leible, and a gallery of the shots I like but haven’t included so far:


…..or at least nearly finish…here’s a final shot featuring the great man himself – a bit of a Ricky Gervais look-alike:



Sophia by Max Eremine on


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