Strength by Esther Thor Halldorsdottir

Strength by Esther Thor Halldorsdottir


Any woman with “Thor”as part of her name must be cool, and Icelanders seem to be the coolest people on the planet anyway….. Esther describes herself as “Surgical Nurse, Photographer and Yoga Instructor” and the above photograph, entitled Strength, was a nominee (along with about a hundred other portraits) for the coveted B &W Child Photo Contest – 2nd Half 2015. I like the denim bib ‘n’ brace overalls adding their ruggedness to the depiction of little-girl strength – tho’ in truth the lower lip seems a little wobbly…

Esther has a personal Facebook page as well as one for her photography, but the content is pretty sparse on both: I just managed to find the collage linked to below with the same little model. She seems to be the girl in these two shots:



…and on another shot from the same “angel on the beach” session (the featured image above the title) she calls her “our beautiful baby girl”: make of that what you will. She doesn’t seem to say anywhere that she’s married or has a partner, and I’d be loath to guess that she’s her daughter… She graduated from Daytona State College last year, but as her Facebook feed and contacts are all in Icelandic, I’ve got to suspect that she’s Iceland-based…

Here’s another example of her lovely b&w child portraits – with the same girl on the left:


…and Esther, the rather scary-looking Surgical Nurse:



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