Pauli in “Graphic Dreams”: Marc Laurin for Kids Magazine #16

Pauli in “Graphic Dreams”: Marc Laurin for Kids Magazine #16











….there’s so much ‘shopping here that you wonder if the model (just called “Pauli” by the photographer, Marc Laurin, on Facebook) ever actually went to the location, Morocco…. It’s a gorgeous set, extremely rich in terms of colour and design – really making excellent use of the geometric patterns and sun-cast shadows in a country where depictions of the human form are limited culturally.

The drawback for me is that the ultra-realistic emphasis on the graphical elements – and Marc Laurin specialises in this type of photography – reduces the model almost to a simple graphic element herself: emotion and psychology are unimportant. In one shot she has a big smile – and it comes almost as a relief… However, it’s a minor gripe in a hugely successful set: the “tribal ” markings on her arms and legs were a great idea (even tho’ I suspect they were ‘shopped on in the editing), as well as her statuesque poses.

Massive kudos to Kids Magazine: they used local MUH, but flying a team to Marrakesh (although lavish reference to the name of the hotel indicates that their lodgings at least were free) must have been a significant investment. The outfits are Junior Gaultier, Billieblush, Kenzo, Quis Quis, and Jours Après Lunes for the swimsuit/underwear: so at least there were a number of brands to make a contribution. Marc is Nice/Paris based, and is a really interesting photographer, bringing a lot of technical tweaking to children’s photography: the sort of skill that advertisers love – he can almost create exactly the image they want, leaving perfect dead space for text, and making the images themselves crisp and mouth-watering…















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