Mari Axel Kids: Vasilisa Suslikova and Yolanda D

Mari Axel Kids: Vasilisa Suslikova and Yolanda D


I slipped a reference to Vasilisa’s skinny legs into the previous post: and you can see I was being accurate (if not gallant): I’m not body-shaming at all: they’re perfect legs for her slight frame – and being an eleven-year-old I’ll bet she wolfs down the ice-creams like the rest of her school-mates.

In this set for Mari Axel Kids by Alexandr Lab she’s partnered by a strapping fourteen/fifteen-year-old, Yolanda/Iolanta D:


….and you could almost use it as a reference image for pre- and post-puberty body-shapes – out of interest I’ll reblog a piece next on the different body types seen commonly in ballet: the author is keen to stress that it isn’t definitive – more descriptive of what the reality tends to be.

Here’s Yolanda:



……and the rest of the set:


















If you Google “Mari Axel Girls”, then all you’ll get – hidden away in the middle of the results page – is an image from this collection: and on their main site and Facebook there doesn’t seem to be much heralding of kids/girls collections – tho’ this one does feature. You can see why – the styles are sometimes reminiscent of a weird cosplay outfit for a fantasy German barmaid in a short-skirted dirndl, sometimes over-flowery for the target age-range, and sometimes reasonably pleasant without being memorable. They do often have very short skirts – apparently being the daughter’s version of this cool-mommies’ hem-length:


…..while at least if you Google “Mari Axel Kids” you get a report of a Spring 2013 event, where the guests to a show arranged by the owner of the brand (here called Marie Axel) were encouraged to have their daughters in matching dresses. Here’s how the show went on the restaurant runway:




….the hems not reaching the dizzying heights of some of the promotional outfits. There are other online-magazine articles which show a number of Russian fashionista mommies with their matching daughters: and a lot seem to be clutching Mari Axel-printed shopping bags – so it looks like the event itself was successful. Here are the mini-models with Mari(e) Axel herself – I just wonder what happened in 2014, 2015 and 2016…….:


….and Vasilisa? Having been less than gallant, I’ll redress the situation by showing her pins in all their slender glory- as well as being another opportunity to admire her always-graceful bearing and exemplarily long neck:




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