Notes on Body Types…

The tongue-in-cheek reference to “Type A” as being “like every Russian girl” is interesting as I’m reblogging this after seeing the two different body-types of two Russian child models. I take the point that the Russians ethnically seem to have this tendency: basically a normal frame with slightly longer limbs than the average: and their models do ballet or gymnastics automatically to prepare themselves for whatever modelling throws at them – the discipline itself being an enormous help. In the opposite direction, American dancers from the dreaded “Dance Moms” are moving into modelling to exploit their high profile online – the consequences should be interesting…. in the meantime this is a really useful discussion of the drawbacks/benefits of different aspects of physique, as well as the encouragement that there are no definitive limits – just realities to accept, and opportunities to explore…

A Ballet Education

Firstly, before I start my long, and much-needed blog update on body types, I want to say, “Thank You.” The amount of support and followers and all of that has been mighty overwhelming. I am pleased to also say that this week I got to send out eight checks to students around the US to go off to their summer programs. I am not going to list the students out of respect to their financial situations, the fact that they are minors, and the way others will view them at their summer courses. Scholarship applications will be open again January-March 2017. Hopefully, with all of the sales throughout the year, I will be able to help more students!!! Thank you. To help support this scholarship fund click here. I have been really overwhelmed by the amount of e-mails I have been receiving and promise to get a better handle…

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