Violeta in “Humpty Dumpty Sat on the Wall” by José Luis Muñoz Luque

Violeta in “Humpty Dumpty Sat on the Wall” by José Luis Muñoz Luque


….this is one artist who makes Facebook seem useful: he can post final works, works in progress, his daughter’s artwork, comments from close friends – everything – given a wonderful immediacy thanks to the flexibility of the social network.

He is Spanish artist José Luis Muñoz Luque, and this is his daughter Violeta:





His art is remarkably accessible – despite the almost distancing effect of his extraordinary technical ability, he is working in familiar themes and contexts – the girl in the first and third preliminary drawings is in fact being imagined in a Star Wars landscape:


Here’s the Googlish description of his artistic influences, and his methods:

“My biggest influences are Symbolism and Renaissance painting, but it both aesthetically and conceptually amuses me to merge them with comics and film. In the compositions I seek an update on universal symbols of mythology or classical literature, from my contemporary vision.

As for the way I like the development of the work to look, I give the highest priority to the composition. Technically delivery of a detailed drawing which will gradually add color based glazes, tempera and acrylic first and then oil with alkídica resin. While I like the detail, I don’t seek photorealism, I prefer a painterly look, so I usually put my characters on flat bottoms with symbolic elements drawn and written, or gold leaf.” (Cross Connect Magazine)

….so no photorealism, and a desire to mix an ancient “look” to a painting with themes that could come from comics or films –  Star Wars now has Little Red Riding Hood as a character, and a crash-test-dummy becomes the modern Humpty-Dumpty. Do click on the Facebook links and have a look at the honesty with which he presents all the stages in a composition – plus an insight into his love for his daughter, and how even her childlike drawings affect his work….lovely stuff…


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