The $1455,080 View (via


… he wishes he’d cleaned the window…. Seriously, it does show how stock work can be extremely profitable. The figures are on the site of the Sloona stock-image provider. quoting these statistics:

This is my best-selling picture at the moment.
A moment of now 30.07.2013
So, in order not to be unfounded cite statistics for this picture:

PHOTOSTOK LINED BESTSELLING EARNINGS STATS DATE 30.08.2012 2214 $ 1153.86 08/06/2016 30.08.2012 717 $ 301.22 30.07.2013 16.06.2012 118 no statistics 30.07.2013

[From here]

The owner does say “of now 30.07.2013”, but has adjusted the Shutterstock earnings up to 08/06/2016 – so reasonably up-to-date: and he confirms that it’s Shutterstock’s 2214th best seller – a pretty good number, imagining how many images we must be talking about.

The fact that it’s a cute little girl, cat, (maybe I should have put the cat first…), green leaves and sunshine signifying spring, hope, etc., are all important – but overwhelmingly it’s being bought by companies advertising products to do with windows: uPVC, safety film for schools, general installation….it’s a good idea to plan an image that will appeal to a reasonably big industrial market, that isn’t going to mind spending a few dollars on buying a resonating image. A lot of girl-in-window shots are in front of a romantic shabby-chic version with peeling paint and gracefully fading colours – beautiful and nostalgic. This one, however, has a modern, draught-free plastic/metal frame, and a girl who can afford to wear just a light, sleeveless frock given the assumed hermetic qualities of the window – sales, here we come…

I’m just happy that being a big seller I can find a copy that isn’t covered with the usual watermarks…

And talking of girls and cats….leads me to the next post….well, it will….


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