Girls and Cats (via Atomicarcadewhispers on

Girls and Cats (via Atomicarcadewhispers on


This is an old friend – Thémis Pauwels – whom I featured in a reblogged post a couple of months ago: here. The photographer is Ryan Mills (see Tumblr link below), a young American from Spokane, who regularly travels to meet up with his Belgian friends, crash in their homes and do stunning b&w portraits of their daughters on film – one of the last Facebook comments I remember vis-à-vis this unusual arrangement was one of the Belgians recommending that he find a girlfriend there, so he could stay permanently: and Ryan ruefully (or maybe not!) agreeing….

…..and this story introduces one of the few Tumblr bloggers still trying to post images of females from babies to grandmas: meaning that you might have a young girl (like Thémis) rubbing virtual shoulders with a (tasteful) nude, or a cat, or a doll…or pretty well anything that sparks the blogger’s interest. And these are the blogs I like – they show the range of a person’s character, and don’t limit them to one genre or niche (in fact my “Girls and Cats” sidebar gallery is the result of a Tumblr blog I had with the same theme – I ditched it when it became too restrictive and predictable).

So….as to be unpredictable myself – here are some of Atomicarcadewhispers‘ restrictive, single-genre posts featuring….Girls and Cats!! (As trailed in the previous post….and, by the way, I realise that some actually are already in the sidebar gallery – the number of sweet shots featuring females ‘n’ felines must be limited…):





















…..but at least Atomicarcadewhispers has a lot more genres and ideas going for it: in fact you can see the interests changing and coalescing – finding another blogger with a novel taste and reposting some of their gems, then coming back to his/her favourites, but with another aspect to explore.

Obviously in a post like this the ones to suffer are the photographers – apart from Ryan you’ve got Artur Politov and Sergey Piltnik with watermarks: but there are also DeviantArtists, stock image providers, historical snappers of Drew Barrymore and Brooke Shields, amateurs and studio professionals, etc., – all I can say is that I’m concentrating on the “collectionist” here, not so much on the artists collected.


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