A ’50s Summer Frock: M&S Successfully Do Retro….

A ’50s Summer Frock: M&S Successfully Do Retro….


….if I was a girls’ fashion designer, this is the sort of outfit I hope I’d be creating: a subtle retro look that doesn’t rely on Peter Pan collars or smocking to indicate that yes, I realise it’s been done before – aren’t I clever? Also, I’d hope any girl wearing it would love the shape, details and soft colours, without necessarily knowing that they do have a  history – but knowing that her strong shoulders and well-formed legs and arms deserve to be seen and admired: and this doesn’t have to end when she stops being a “little” girl.

The model is pleasant-looking, while not particularly pretty facially, but the effect is really attractive and feminine – too bad it’s not available anymore…. The brand is the quintessentially British Marks and Spencer – not noted for great fashion subtlety and imagination in all honesty – while the only website that still shows it is Dutch (Jurken Shop Onlinejurken meaning “dresses”), and had it on sale for a remarkable €10.95 – a whopping 63% reduction: but alas, it isn’t sold out – just “discontinued”…..like my putative fashion designer career….

At least I promise I’d never create something with a “Peppa Pig” print:


…I wonder if they just spray the sandals different colours…..?


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