Laneya Grace as a Kate Mack Model

Laneya Grace as a Kate Mack Model
















….as you can see from the quality of a couple of these (for the American brand Kate Mack), they didn’t always exist in anything but a thumbnail-sized format – and I’m personally resisting the impulse to enlarge the remaining ones. The aim isn’t particularly to show twelve-year-old Laneya from a few years ago (six, according to the Facebook and Instagram links at the bottom) modelling bikinis, but more to put out some obscure but pretty images of a very popular model, back when she was doing catalogue-type work as well as lookbook.

The rest are a mixture of formats, none very large – which I’ll put in a gallery to be extracted at will:

….the Kate Mack / Biscotti (the same thing, for all intents and purposes) in-house photographers have an irritating habit of cutting off the models’ feet, or even the entire lower leg: why I can’t imagine, since they usually aren’t wearing other-brand shoes that need to be obscured (or any shoes at all, come to that, except in shots two and three….).

There are much more attractive promotional images put out by the brands that don’t feature Laneya: these really are more for interest than as examples of excellent fashion portraiture – I’ll try to do a companion piece next.

Talking of Laneya, she has an insistent grandfather (named Thomas Stevenson, the same as her father, who goes by the nickname “Wedo” – see Facebook link), that can’t resist a rather dumbfounded “She’s my Grandbaby!” when he posts a picture of her (and even has a Pinterest board where he pins every shot he can find) – but he did put up a sweet video from YouTube of her singing at a talent show three and a half years ago:

….not as impressive as Avicii’s music vid with Kristina Romanova, but then here she was professionally prepared (and didn’t have to sing!):

6 years old for @biscottiandkatemack #throwback

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