Sieun and Dana for Dimple Moment: Wonder Woman Rashguard/Surf Suit

Sieun and Dana for Dimple Moment: Wonder Woman Rashguard/Surf Suit


I’m not sure what the position is on copyright for the iconic Wonder Woman outfit: there are plenty of variations on it out there, adult and child, many for swimsuits like this. The brand that makes it is South Korean – Dimple Moment (they all sound like modem random password combinations).They don’t seem to be really swimsuit manufacturers, and this isn’t the frothy concoction of ruffles and bows you’d expect a typical Korean girlswear company to come up with:


……I’m being a bit mean, but a tutu swimsuit is pretty typical of Korean girls’ swimsuit practicality (this is by Vindiebaby). Here’s the rest of the promotional material – as you can see, the swimsuit comes in two colour combinations, and includes the swimcap that seems popular:













…..they really are charming images – and mainly because they aren’t the typically frothy over-prettified shots that sites like Alibaba are full of, packed with saccharin-overload kawaii models in boring poses:


……by contrast, Dimple Moment’s photographer has introduced a more European sense of detachment between the two girls (whom the “Kids Model” Facebook fanpage site names as Sieun and Dana and puts into an album featuring couples and siblings: I’m sure any Ulzzang or kawaii follower would have identified them instantly – probably as sisters, maybe even twins): the one on the left seeming to view her companion almost with unease….more this:


…than this:


…..ok, they’re both rather good: but I hope you get the idea……

The Wonder Woman visual allusion is clear in the outline of the bra top, echoing the importance that the original actress (Lynda Carter) gave to her superhero’s dynamic bosom:


……and clearly girls of this age don’t need bra support or shaping – however, only the first image renders homage to WW in the promotional shots.

Basically it’s a rashguard swimsuit with its long sleeves (another rarity in Korean swimsuit collections), and is described by some sites that carry it as a surf suit, with an adult echo here:


…..and tho’ this is by Urban Outfitters, the main colour-block shapes are remarkably similar……

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