Heron Lopes Jr: “French Confectionery” Swimwear by Amir Slama for Bugbee

Heron Lopes Jr: “French Confectionery” Swimwear by Amir Slama for Bugbee






…..not too much pontificating with this set, since I have a feeling that most of it has gone the way of many early Doctor Who episodes: relegated to oblivion by philistines.

The premise was to have Amir Slama (noted founder of the Rosa Chá adult swimwear brand) design a girls’ collection for the Brazilian Bugbee brand- and he came up with the charming idea of basing the colours and prints on French confiseries and pâtisseries:



As this Brazilian blog notes (in gorgeous Googlesque):

“The children’s brand Bugbee, in partnership with the designer Amir Slama, has just launched her fashion collection beach for two girls to 10 years inspired by the ancient confectioneries. The Amir Slama collection for Bugbee consists of 8 models of bikinis, beach wraps and bathing suits for spring-summer 2011/2012.

To ensure greater comfort for small, parts of the collection are broad, as the beach exits, the little monkey, t-shirt and panties bikinis, which are larger and come decorated with handmade belts and moorings.
The color chart, various shades of pink leave the most graceful collection. The confectionery climate is due to the patterns of sweets and applique ornaments shaped brigadiers that are so detailed, reach real opinion. The French luxury is represented by drawings of the French chandelier with Swarovski crystal appliques in swimsuits and bikinis.
The Amir Slama collection for Bugbee can be found in the best children’s multi – brand the country.”  (Adri Nunes Blog)

Apart from “beach exits”, “little monkey” and “brigadiers”, I think I got most of it: there seem to have been eight styles, and I certainly haven’t found all of them – here’s the beach robe:



……while my lack of fascinating details, ahem, is down to the fact that the only real source I can find is a page on Behance that credits Vanessa Frick as the Creative Director of the shoot, with Heron Lopes Jr as the photographer – apparently for an ad in a mag called “Revista FIT”. The two both come from Porto Alegre in Brazil, but neither carry the set (or even single images) on their Facebook photostreams, or anywhere else I can find (and neither does Amir Slama: he limits himself to posing with his adult female models and a rather creepy smirk). Bugbee doesn’t carry it either, on site, Facebook or Instagram – and I think, given the 2011/12 début date, that by now it’s a gonner.

It’s a pity, since the photography is excellent: simple and straightforward – emphasising the bright pinks, and adding the little graphic cup cake and ice cream cone (of which I bet there were more, you don’t do graphics like this for just two images) – Vanessa and Heron should be prouder….and bang goes my intention not to pontificate…

Just to be a bit more grateful to Amir, here he is demonstrating an item from the collection in front of what looks like a pop-up shop:



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