Estrella in “Hungry” by Ewa Cwikla

Estrella in “Hungry” by Ewa Cwikla

[Two new additions to Ewa Cwikla’s oeuvre have surfaced recently  – this addendum dated 13/02/17 – both entitled Lol-a, posted by the photographer on Flickr in December last year (see image link below):



……both semi-nude, but with Lola’s modesty being maintained by means of her long hair. They’re both so lovely I couldn’t bear adding them at the end of the post, where they’d languish, probably never seen. Just keep them in mind when you’re looking at Ewa’s portfolio gallery in the body of the post.]


This came second in the Black and White Child Photography Competition (2015, first half), beating the wonderful Lisa Visser into third place with Anya:


….the photographer (of Hungry) is Ewa Cwikla: described in the citation as representing the Netherlands, but who refers on Instagram to Lublin in Poland as well – clearly there was a relocation at some point. I was particularly drawn to the image because it reminded me of another one – and luckily I finally remembered who it was by: Sergey Piltnik, whom I posted on previously here:


…….with the less-than-evocative Red BW Grey as a title. There are more differences than similarities: notably that Sergey has a rather romantic, optimistic vision for his girl portraits – Ewa is more angst-y and dark – tho’ Sergey has also done a slightly different, moodier long-shot version entirely in b&w:


Ewa uses three or four girls constantly – the one in Hungry being Estrella – and I have no idea if they’re family, relations, or just trusted models. Her style can get very dark, even to the point where you’re peering at the image, trying to make out the details. Hungry isn’t that bad, but if you look at a version she did to celebrate the second place in the contest, you can see what a bit more light would have revealed even in this portrait:


….obviously it’s her vision, and she produces some marvellous results pursuing it. This portrait, Close, got an “Honourable Mention” in the same competition:


…more emotion on display: Ewa certainly taps into a less detached type of portraiture  – the Russians and Americans tend to be saccharine, the British ironic, the Dutch fanciful – but the Eastern Europeans often reflect the turbulent pasts many have experienced.

Here are some from her portfolio:

















…..not many happy faces (tho’ I’ll finish with a couple of examples of Ewa going the cute route – it rhymes with the English pronunciation).

Meantime, here’s a more typical gallery:

….as I said, a number of the models are used consistently – tho’ I think Estrella is particularly beautiful and expressive. Here are Ewa’s wallpaper attempts:




….and you can see that Lisa Holloway needn’t be too afraid of the competition…

In the text I’ve already given a link to her site (very slow), and here below are Facebook, Flickr and Instagram image links, while this is 500px:

….I’d recommend Instagram as the most comprehensive that isn’t as irritating as her site – and she’s well worth following up, as I’ve only touched the surface of a very extensive, fulfilling portfolio.




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