Kauli SS16: More Spanish Frivolity….

Kauli SS16: More Spanish Frivolity….








……day dresses, party dresses, ceremonial dresses……not that it matters really, the Spanish just love dressing their little daughters up in impractical whimsies that defy the reality that kids (girls as much as boys) exist to get grubby knees, frayed hems and juice-spattered fronts. The brand, Kauli, name this collection “Pastelito”.

The details are many: little rosettes in the hair with Alice bands, ballerinas that lace up Greek-style on the ankles, scalloped hems, layers, ruffles, armpit-high waists, little crocheted tops, bows and ribbons, dots, pastel shades – not exactly a tee and jeans…

Understanding that this is ostensibly a blog for girls’ portraiture, and not fashion, you may wonder at my fascination: well, I take it as almost a paean to an extreme vision (and obviously one version) of girlhood, exquisitely presented by experts. These girls will go on to university and jobs, they’ll wear jeans and trousers more than skirts and dresses, they’ll be engineers and politicians and mothers – some will be straight, some bi, some gay: dressing like this for a short time when they absolutely adore these almost ridiculous styles is a luxury they won’t have for ever. I don’t see it as an imposition of a gender-identity obsessed society: ultimately they’ll react against these girly styles more than adhere to them: but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a power-suit-wearing Spanish lawyer dress her daughters in the same way when her turn comes. I actually think they’re lucky…










As you can see, they do break down into sets – and all the named ones are from spring/summer this year – this time the name is “Acuarela”, and the underskirt is bolder, and not white and lacy, there’s more emphasis on pleats, and skirts flaring from the waist. Now the rosettes are crocheted and also form part of the interior decoration – and one girl has a pair of ultra-soft matching boots to add some contrast.




….while these two images (from “Lulù”) go back to a very girly pink, quite boldly matched with more geometric patterns: stripes and checks (the little caps are a Spanish speciality – like knee-high socks).




More details on the ones above (“Marivent”): white lace hems to prettify the always well-displayed legs, belts, bows, little bibs, wide collars, mini-bolero jackets, and another little cap – you can’t complain that they look too busy: busy is the point….




This is a pretty style (the last image is slightly different from the one above the title): the frilled cuffs echoing the tiny flared, pleated skirt – and even the socks have white lacy turn-over frills.

The final “set” consists of just two shots: the knitted tops and knee-high boots making them rather reminiscent of Simona Barbieri’s “Twin Set” styles – Simona first, then the two by Kauli:




Lastly a few shots that don’t come in sets, but help add to the picture of a bunch of stylists who seem to have done their designing after a cup-cake orgy:








En los detalles se marca la diferencia . #kaulimodainfantil #pastelito #detalles #ramos #ideas #fashion #kids

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3 thoughts on “Kauli SS16: More Spanish Frivolity….

  1. Hi Dimitri,
    ……and thanks for the kind comment! I know I feel a little defensive after a big splurge of Spanish girls’ fashion images, because they’re usually borderline-kitsch, and reflect Spanish society’s unfashionable love of a pretty girl with lots of visible bare flesh and clothes that make them look like little dollies on display. Spanish adult women still come out of it like Penelope Cruz: strong and beautiful, with no sense of being wallflowers – I think they just enjoy the special experience that a Spanish girlhood can give them, at least as far as fashion goes – the aspect that I’m familiar with. And as for portraiture: it’s just fashion promotion, but a lot of the images are beautiful, project the character of the girl in a charming way, and make no pretense to do anything more…just as valid as Ewa Cwikla’s darker, more troubled vision of girlhood in the previous post…
    Hope you keep on enjoying the blog….


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