Untitled: Igor Sakharov (Featuring Marilyn Tov)

Untitled: Igor Sakharov (Featuring Marilyn Tov)


….lips between bee-stung and cupid’s bow, skin as flawless as is possible, limpid eyes, determined eyebrows and a sweet little nose – all framed in a lovely mass of curls….I’d dress her in Marilyn Tov:




….and I think her fresh complexion and curls would go perfectly with MT’s combination of romanticism and severity…..

Anyway, dressing her up shouldn’t come before the admission that she’s nameless, and a bit of an enigma. The pretty face and (in particular) the curls make her ideal pin fodder for the millions of boards even remotely related to curly hair – in the process I was lucky to find this on a Russian language blog on about page 16 of the Google reverse-search hits:


…right next to my original image – and clearly the same model. Reverse-searching that one brought me to a blog featuring it and an interview with big-name Russian photographer Igor Sakharov – so, QED: also the first is by him (ok, probably…..).

The interview didn’t give any information about the individual images used to illustrate it, so I’ll just have to adopt her virtually, and hope her real parents have my taste in fashion….and haven’t called her Anastasia, Nastya or Dasha: the three most common first names for Russian girls….how about Polly (number 97)? (Vladimir is no.27 for boys….if you’re interested.)

….and Marilyn Tov? Well, her last Instagram post was to confirm the shutting down of her site and consequently her shop, ten months ago:

…..and while her previous posts are still up, she’s clearly not adding any more – and Facebook has just two lonely images (no “About” information, no words at all) one of which I’ve linked to.

She has left an amazing legacy of styles and supporting images – often with her signature cropping, as in my first two shots for her brand (I really don’t know how much, or if any, photography she did herself).

I feel a post coming on….and while that’s in pre-production, have a look a the lovely short video at the end: in retrospect a rather sad eulogy to the creative process that went into the gorgeous designs – plus one of the sweet little models being fitted. At least she says that the ten years of marilyntov.com were pure happiness – I hope I’ll see her work again in some form in the future….

#marilyntov #americanmade

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