A Difficult Age…..Or: You Do the Work For Me….. [OK,…..I Did the Work Myself! Credit to Exlex]

A little onanistic, but having found a companion to a particularly pretty, delicate portrait, I thought it worthwhile resuscitating the original post with the amendment….

Girls' Portraiture


This is an absolutely gorgeous shot, pleasing even knitwear specialists: but like the previous post, attribution is proving to be a problem. If I’d taken it, I’d have my watermark in an Alex Kruk-like unremovable position (compromising the shot, but what the hell – pay me!), or undownloadable on a site like Flickr. This just reverse-searches to a user-gallery on the Russian Photohost.ru site, where it’s given the title “A Difficult Age”. I can’t get any further – I’d love a Russian speaker to at least tell me the trail runs cold at that point: on the upside, I’d prefer to give credit for a beautifully delicate piece of work….

[Finding another pretty portrait, I realised that the picture above is by the same lady photographer, Exlex, from Kiev. This one is just entitled “****”:


…..quite possibly the same model. Exlex doesn’t seem to have anything else that’s relevant…

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