Charo Diez


…before attempting an overview of the portfolio of this Spanish mother-photographer, I thought I’d give a taster with a sublime portrait of her niece. Here’s what she says on Instagram:

“Searching my files, in those hard disks of my photographic stage before being a mom, I find this picture of my niece. I did not know how it would look, because I did it with my dear Rolleiflex (that’s still waiting for my return to analog), but a decade later I like it even more. A photo that ages beautifully.” (Charo Diez, Instagram)

….I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately Pinterest has taken it to its ravenous maw as a symbol of sadness: for me she’s just reflective, pondering…it’s so lovely…

(And there’s even a touch of Britishness in the stuffed toys: Winnie-the-Pooh (with possibly Tigger lurking in the background) and Raymond Briggs’ Snowman.)


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