Nicole (and Fancy Nulle) by Kristina Demant for

Nicole (and Fancy Nulle) by Kristina Demant for


…’ve probably guessed that Nicole is the model, and Fancy Nulle is the knitted doll: and as ever a poor girl gets to stand in what looks like a slaughterhouse about to be demolished, in order to have the contrast pretty/sweet/soft/vulnerable versus ugly/hard/metallic/dirty.

One companion shot doesn’t add much comfort:


……as she seems to be escaping from (or hiding in) a rather dirty-looking locker, next to an empty cage from which a large rat has just escaped….

The other is a bit more homely, but the environment still looks rather industrial……bare feet on cold concrete:


Naturally there are separate product images to accompany Nicole’s portraits – just as well, as you tend to miss the plush doll on the locker roof, and process the throw rug on the playhouse as just a tiled roof design…

The brand is Danish Luckyboysunday (based in Copenhagen), the brainchild of two young designers – both called Camilla – and has typical Danish design flair that doesn’t mind being a little edgy – even where child-centred products are concerned.

Put together design-driven and fair trade, and you’ve naturally got expensive: Fancy Nulle is big at 70cm, but is a rather eye-watering €120 for a knitted doll – albeit one produced in Bolivia from baby alpaca fur:

“All Luckyboysunday’s knitted designs are manufactured in Bolivia, where alpaca have been bred for their precious wool for centuries. All items are knitted in cooperatives working under the fair trade principle by very talented women and men, using only the highest grade wool, which is as valuable and as soft as cashmere….

…….Our faux fur friends are of course made in a real teddy factory in China, where the Chinese sense of perfection, quality, and details makes our plush friends come true……

…….and our cute little rugs are hand tufted in India. We have worked several years with this amazing family owned factory in the holy city of Varanasi. Maybe that’s how they manage to catch the spirit of our designs so well?” (Luckyboysunday: capital letters supplied by me.)

Yes…… you do feel that they’re in rather a privileged position – having access to a rich Western clientèle that’s happy to embrace the wackier elements in the designs, expensive sourcing: and still pay the prices.

Here are some promotional shots for the SS2011 collection – pretty and atmospheric, including a smoke machine:






The two sets above are by fellow Copenhagen resident, photographer Kristina Demant: she’s so modest that all she has online is a blessedly simple home site with easy-access sets – and referring fans, potential clients etc. to her agents (image-linked below), Tomorrow Management.

The next sets are apparently by a different, unnamed, photographer/s:










….and that’s about it: Kristina describes her work as “poetic and quirky” – so she fits right in with the Luckyboysunday vibe: the shots immediately above being a little more traditional in their display of the company’s products. Almost the last thing to bring to your attention is this video, called “Sky High”:

“Sky High is a short experimental film created by the art team SUPERM (Brian Kenny & Slava Mogutin) and produced by Please Do Not Enter in Los Angeles in 2014. The film was cast, shot, edited and premiered within two weeks as a unique site-specific element of their exhibition SUPERM FRUIT. Using their immediate surroundings, local and newly made friends as cast members, SUPERM wove a short non-narrative meditation on beauty, youth, sentimentality and desire within the context of a day in summer in downtown Los Angeles.” (

…….piddling about with expensive cinematographic equipment on a sunny day in Los Angeles? Perish the thought…

Anyway, at 2:26 there’s a sweet little segment of two kids playing, as they unabashedly advertise Luckyboysunday product..:

And the very last thing? Camilla and Camilla being, well, quirky:



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