Kaylee Rodgers Sings Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” with Her School Choir

[Sorry for the enforced lull in posting while I get over some health issues.]

This might be far from the static portraiture that visitors to the blog would expect, but for me it’s a perfect picture of a what girlhood represents. It’s not exactly a new discovery, either, since there are a number of versions on YouTube, racking up millions of views.

I’m not religious (it isn’t really a religious song, per se – and it’s the closest to “Merry Christmas” you’re going to get!), and enjoy it for the determination of the wonderful girl doing the extraordinary singing, and what a tribute to the late Leonard Cohen it is. The fact she’s autistic isn’t even so relevant: autism relates eventually to the individual child/adult on the spectrum – Kaylee has an impressive presence, and seems very much in command of what she’s doing.

Here’s Leonard, doing an indoor Michael Jackson with the photographer’s daughter Lucca Joy Barratt:


…and a video of him singing “Hallelujah”


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