Lourdes Kids I: Channelling Shirley


This is the first of three related posts, revolving round (surprise, surprise) Spanish girls’ fashion: first an individually charming image on its own, second the brand it comes from, and lastly one of their main models in her own dedicated piece.

This is just a stand-alone pretty portrait, with the vintage painting equipment and bright blue on the model’s hands being a nice reference to the colour of her big bow, and the naif colour-block street scene on the dress itself. The designer and owner of this Valencian label (in its twenty-seventh year) is Lourdes Paterna, after whom the brand is named – and she has specialised in these “child’s eye”, hand painted designs from the very first:

“Since her first collection Lourdes has followed a singular style, characterised by the use of colour and hand-painted fabrics. Her drawings, with simple lines, seek to reflect the world through the child’s eyes.” (Lourdesmodainfantil.com)

As you can see even from just this one example, they’re very different from the usual Spanish love of “froth” in girls’ fashion: layers, frills, ruffles and lace – being more like northern European styles in the emphasis on bright, bold patterns and a simple silhouette. My sensation that it’s a little Shirley Temple in flavour obviously comes first from the girl’s resemblance to the late icon: but the dress has a typical Shirley shape – short skirt and flaring out straight from under the arm with a very high waist:



…..little puff sleeves seeming to be gone for good……and you couldn’t imagine Shirley wearing those big prints in her heyday….

Here she is all grown up with her own daughter, Lori – who became a troubled punk-rocker rather than a nation’s darling:


I’ll leave you with two Instagram image links as a taster for the brand’s model who will gracefully monopolise the final post of these three (hint: she featured in a piece about another Spanish brand back in October last year, when I bewailed not knowing her name):


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