Dancing Queen: Renata (@curated_by) for Bella and Lace

Dancing Queen: Renata (@curated_by) for Bella and Lace











The Australian photographer/model’s mother really likes this tutu by Bella and Lace:

It is poetry when designers infuse new vision to breathe a fresh life into a classic and create an artisanal view of it for the next generation of the dancing queens.

The Tutu.

All girls want one. All girls have one. And my friends, this is the one. Full stop.

With the perfect blend of romantic hues, referencing a rock n roll spirit and a slither of folk aesthetic, this glittering, pretty as a painting frock is one for all lovers of Paris with a side serve of Los Angeles.

Robyn beats blasting your earphones is prerequisite for a full sensory experience.  

And just like that a new dancing queen is born.” (Curatedby.co)

….led by Tutu du Monde (whom she’s also worked for, image coming up), it seems that Australia is the new home of the tutu… Here are some more from the series, the collection it comes from being called Dancing Queen…… this time her balls are bigger:





….and the rest of the set, featuring a mask, wings and flowers:








The Sydney-based photographer’s name is Renata (no surname that I can find), and she uses @curated_by as her Instagram moniker (see image-link below) – she doesn’t have Facebook linked to her business activities.. She’s really thrown all the props at this set, and the only strange thing is that the client doesn’t feature any of the lovely, atmospheric shots on their home site, Facebook or Instagram – the link I gave at the beginning is for a tutu from the same collection – but still no related shot by Renata…

And talking of tutus – this isn’t one: it’s a onesie by Tutu du Mondeand another of her lovely portraits of girls, proving that she doesn’t just save her best work for her daughters (yes, that’s a plural – she seems to have about four):


….the “Dream Sequence” onesie in cocoa, I’ll have you know.

Renata has teamed up with another photographer recently, Maya, to create The Descendants, and I’m sure I’ll get round to posting on the collective very soon (remember “I’m sure” is a bit less binding than a promise….), as they have some gorgeous (mainly fashion-based) portraits.

Seven today 🎈🎈🎈🎈 je t'aime à la lune 💫

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Dancing Queen: Bella & Lace


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