Milibe Copenhagen, the Invisible Presence

Milibe Copenhagen, the Invisible Presence




Sticking with portraits having a fashion origin, these are quirky but fun styles from a really odd-ball brand. As you can see from its name, Milibe Copenhagen, it’s based in the Danish capital – but it doesn’t seem to have a home site or even a social media presence.

I know it was founded by Maria Raben and Mille Milt in 2002, having their products manufactured in Turkey for the quality of the cotton – but more than that I can’t tell you. A lot of good, reliable kids fashion sites like MilK and Little Scandinavian have covered their designs and product quality with praise, but every link is broken…

The brand doesn’t seem to have foundered, as you can still buy their outfits on sites like Copenhagen Styles, but they really do seem to be relying on supporters to get their name across….while at some time in the past they were keen enough to hire whoever took these rather memorable promotional images (and great MUH for the ‘dos in the last shot).

Well, not all being memorable for the right reason:


…..the outfit on the right might very well be extremely comfortable, but girls of that age are extremely fashion conscious: I don’t think it’ll be appearing at many sleep-overs…

Here are the culprits – Maria on the right, Mille on the left:



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