The Maiden’s Tower (Young Girls on Salacak Beach Istanbul, 1957)


The photographer is unknown, but it’s a nice image connecting two girls and a legend concerning another maiden…. The building on an island in the middle of the Bosphorus is called “The Maiden’s Tower”, and has this attached story:

“The legend goes that it was built to isolate and protect the daughter of a Sultan because an Oracle had predicted that she would be killed by a snake on her 18th birthday. She lived alone in her tower visited only by her father. On the day of her 18th birthday, happy to have foiled the Oracle’s prediction, the father gave his daughter a beautiful basket of exotic fruit without realising that a poisonous snake was hidden in it. So, the Oracle’s prediction was fulfilled.” (European Best

It rather begs for the obvious interpretation that the snake represents male threats to her innocence, now she’s reached maturity – but like many of these legends, the origins are often more recent than supposed……

The girls are lovely, with charming period plaits…


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