Leire Cardoso and Alexandra (Agnishka) Lenarchyk: Gaudì Teen

Leire Cardoso and Alexandra (Agnishka) Lenarchyk: Gaudì Teen








The models’ skin quality and tone are a bit unrealistic, but it sure makes the contrast with the lace/broderie anglaise gorgeous….. These are the type of teen styles that mothers plead on Instagram for the manufacturers to make in adult sizes – and even the teen girls appreciate, since they’re pretty enough to appeal to their little girl side, but sensual enough to satisfy their inner young woman…

The brand is the Italian Gaudì, under their very under-promoted “Teen and Boy” sideline. It’s on the main site, almost grudgingly, and nowhere to be seen on their Instagram or Facebook accounts.

I eventually gave up researching the brand, and turned to the two main models for this collection: the one on the left in the first image being Alexandra (Agnishka) Lenarchyk, and her friend the better-known Leire Cardoso  – tho’ how the logistics worked I can’t imagine: Alexandra lives in Connecticut, and Leire in Barcelona:

Leire has been the putative subject of a post for some time, except she has so many lovely portraits that I’d need to divide it into at least two, like Aroa Renau (at this point seasoned followers start checking their schedules for the next few days)…..

Here are the ones that are lace-free:










….very straightforward, expository photography (obviously anonymous – unless the photographer concerned happens to pop up during an image reverse-search, acknowledgment is semi-impossible): ‘shopped, but the result is generally to enhance the attractiveness of the shots, helped by the excellent, expert models. Why Gaudì don’t push promotion of the teen line more convincingly, I’ll never know…..


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