Butterflies and Hurricanes by Omar Filippi on Flickr

Butterflies and Hurricanes by Omar Filippi on Flickr


This seems to be just an extraordinary capture during a live exhibition: beauty, movement, colour – it’s got everything. The photographer, Omar Filippi, has an album of dance images on Flickr (image-link below): seemingly nothing pre-arranged to make photographing the events particularly easy. He lives in Pisogne, in the Italian province of Brescia, and the image is tagged “Castegnato” – another small town in the same province – so presumably it was taken at a local dance performance. His site and Instagram feed (see below) have a wide variety of themes, but the portraits are predominantly female (some glamour), with a little girl who’s probably his daughter  – and a clear fascination with the photographic possibilities of the dynamics and beauty of dance – both girls and young women – these seem to be from a similar performance, tho’ the backdrop is different (including the featured image above the title):




They look like amazing performances: excellent dancers, costumes, lighting and choreography – and in fact apart from his site, both his Flickr and Instagram accounts are well worth investigating to see what provincial Italy can produce…..

Here he is – great tat….


Butterflies and Hurricanes


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