Jade Weber (Not KPim….): Olesja Mueller for Hooligans Magazine

Jade Weber (Not KPim….): Olesja Mueller for Hooligans Magazine


….all down to some lazy editing by Smudgetikka, Google is convinced this is Kristina Pimenova – taking its cue from Pinterest, who took it from Smudgetikka, and so on….

The post was on October 22nd last year, with the title:


….yes, it was that big….you can’t blame the ill-informed, superficial, know-nothing pinners for being confused……

In fact only a couple of shots featured KPim, other models including Jade and Evelina Voznesenskaya – all of them except Jade being out cute-ified by a variety of rabbits, ducks and ponies. The sub-editor didn’t even mention the other girls – and in fact it seems to be almost impossible to get Jade acknowledged anywhere: even the photographer, Olesja Mueller, resolutely lists all the other models. leaving her out (you have to click on it to see the models’ names):

….until I tracked down a post by Jade on Instagram naming all the culprits – even “Chestnut” the rabbit:

…..and then on Facebook (see below): at least she’s convinced she was there…..I like Kristina, but you do feel that respected child fashion sites like Smudgetikka needn’t be quite so star-struck……even Hooligans Magazine has a bts video which just names her (see below again).

At least Jade has the last laugh – hers is by far the best shot taken during the shoot: or it would be if everyone recognised that it was her….you can show your solidarity with one of the loveliest girl models there is by clicking here – you won’t be disappointed.


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