Idly checking my blog stats this morning, I clicked on a strange referrer address used by two visitors. It turned out to be a comprehensive list of seemingly every possible web site that could interest someone browsing ch*ld p*rn – including mine.

I’m not naive: this is a rare overground blog devoted to images, information and links featuring girls – anybody with a prurient interest in them can also find it through the wide variety of images – available on normal search engines – that I’ve previously posted here. One of the bloggers that I admire the most dismissed (in a friendly manner) my content as “eye-candy” – and I partly agree. See the “About” page for my cultural/sociological position, but I’ll repeat that all the images here are taken from completely appropriate sources, and that the emphasis is on presenting the models – both fashion and purely photographic – as human beings, with names and families and contexts, and secondly on identifying the photographers (difficult tho’ it sometimes is with fashion images), and on linking wherever possible to the original source. I think that girls are special, beautiful and eternally fascinating, or I wouldn’t be doing this – and, like you selecting photos of your actual or putative daughter to put in an album, I choose what I find to be the most attractive and characteristic shots – call it eye-candy if you will.

Pinterest is full of boards where broody young women pin photos of pretty girls, as examples of how they imagine (or at least hope) their future daughter will look: there aren’t any plain or homely ones, despite the fact that in reality they’ll love them however they look. Tiffany Beveridge, the pinner who got a book deal following the popularity of her board My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter – invented Quinoa: the eponymous daughter, using her to poke fun at the more arty excesses of girls’ fashion shots. What struck me was how incredibly good she was at identifying beautiful, quirky images of lovely models – and in fact I must have used half-a-dozen to initiate various posts. Her daughter wasn’t going to be plain, even if she was imaginary – and even if the point was meant to be the pretentiousness of the image, not the attractiveness of the girl…..


The girl in the original image at the top of the post? I’d hope she was a good example of what I’m trying to achieve: she’s a lovely girl, with a captivating shy, unassuming smile and beautiful brown eyes. I found the image on a repost site some time ago, and searched in vain for a source – so I didn’t post it. Now for some reason a site that uses Google image search – – came up with a Flickr origin, and a reputable user. She’s a Brazilian photographer (the user account being called Mama eu Quero – see below for image-link) of mainly girls’ fashion events- and the image is of a little runway model walking for the Cris Barros Mini label (equally Brazilian), taken during the Sony Fashion Weekend event in 2012 in São Paolo.  Looking at the other images from the event, there aren’t any I’d add to the picture above: it’s a one-off bit of portraiture serendipity, in a sweet but repetitive series of little models traipsing down the catwalk.

It’s primarily an artistic choice, informed by my personal preferences – and logically they aren’t only artistic. I know it’s fatuous to print big disclaimers saying “Go Away – No Inappropriate Images Here” etc., when you can’t enforce them – but here goes:


…..and I’ll leave it as a sticky post until I’ve got sick of it… My ongoing hope has always been that if by chance one of the models featured followed up on her image posted here, she’d be pleasantly surprised by a respectful, appreciative acknowledgement of her work, and of her personally. So far it’s only happened with girls who’ve been depicted on amateur/semi-professional photographer-parent photostreams on Flickr: having a monitory opening post isn’t going to be the most welcoming experience for them, or any other visitor – I’m really depressed and despondent: but hey-ho, on we go….



16 thoughts on “Disheartened

  1. We are having a similar problem with which is currently off-line due to the last host deciding unilaterally it’s inappropriate content. Trying to get control of the domain back is proving a battle! But at least the content is backed up and can be restored …

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  2. Hi Lsces – yes, I heard about what happened to Pigtails – the usual story of server owners covering their asses instead of having some cultural/intellectual backbone. After it was summarily dumped by WP before, I guessed there’d have to be a back-up – but “dishearted” was the same word I used when I heard it’d happened again…..
    It could well happen to me, but at the moment I’m more “disheartened” by some of the passing traffic that inevitably arrives given the type of content – the followers that have a web presence are all great, serious bloggers that I’m proud to have looking at my work.

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  3. I have used this site as a photo reference for photo shoots with people of all ages. By poses, ideas, manipulation of images. The Girls and Cats series is great and the fashion pictures are also very good. It’s a shame that people are looking for bad things here.

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    1. Hi Adriano, thanks for the encouragement: I have started to post more images recently, even at the expense of my available free blog space – it’s good to know they’re proving useful as well as decorative. I know I am being a bit naive about the motives of some visitors – I sometimes check which images have been the most popular, and it’s rarely a surprisingly haunting b&w art photo…. Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying the Le Petit Tom series – some of the images really show the heights fashion photography can rise to…

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  4. Baby/bathwater, forest/trees, I dislike being lumped in with the porno crowd. Looking at my stats makes me cringe every time. I ‘spose I’m worse than most, being a blue collar blogger, without the skills to research and find names and backgrounds and details like you folks do. But if I were just after ‘skin’ I wouldn’t have to look through 1,000 images to find the one quirky unique stand-out that makes it to my front page.
    Funny, if you’re the child photographer with offices in Milan, NYC, London, you get fêted as a celebrity, but if you happen to be a fan of that photographer – you get thrown out of Pinterest cuz you’re a ‘perv’.

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      1. Haven’t used them much, didn’t know they were Ruskies – socialism is a beech! It’s getting harder and harder to get honest answers on the internet, everyone is pushing an agenda.

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      2. It doesn’t make any sense, since search engines are meant to use robots to search for the images – but Yandex is always a good bet for Russian sites like FKids and FashionBank: they often come up with a lot of Russian sites in the “similar images” feature as well….

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      3. lol, I hate those. And I really hate the stock photo results. Either google is getting paid or the companies have learned to game the system, either way produces pretty pics with crap all over them.

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