Lindsay Adler for Poster Child Magazine

Lindsay Adler for Poster Child Magazine











The real point of these images is that they represent the results of a video-tutorial by New York photographer Lindsay Adler – tho’ unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to put it in the post except via a link – here. Watch it – particularly if you’re intrigued how she gets the crisp focus in the centre of some shots, with the fuzziness at the perifery. Lindsay is the real deal – she has a YouTube tutorial channel, with over forty free tutorials – but none of them feature children’s photography. There is one I managed to track down which gives an idea of how hands-on and inventive she is when working with children- and also a very good idea of how a lot of the studio sessions I feature are shot:

Two little details – the dresses for the Poster Child shoot are by Mischka Aoki, and this is actually Lindsay:


Really!!…OK, you don’t believe me?….Yes, in fact it’s actually me….


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