Anne-Marie van Dijk: Dolly by Le Petit Tom (Dolly Dazzling AW16)

Anne-Marie van Dijk: Dolly by Le Petit Tom (Dolly Dazzling AW16)

Unusually, this post has the name of the owner and designer of the brand in the title, since she has put together one of the most comprehensive, beautiful, web-friendly collections I’ve ever seen. Think of the brands I’ve gently chastised for lacking a home site, social media presence, etc. Dutch entrepreneur Anne-Marie van Dijk‘s brand, Le Petit Tom – and in particular its Dolly collections – is the complete opposite. This is going to take a couple of posts – and you’ll see why when I start with just one collection: Dolly Dazzling for Autumn/Winter 2016:

Versie 2







….all the images in the post are ridiculously big: 3-4,000 x 4-5,000. If you don’t click on them you’ll never get the full experience –  in fact you really should project them on the side of your house…

I’ll talk about the brand in more detail in the next post, but while I have admitted in the past to suffering rather a surfeit of tutu/pettiskirt images, there is enough variety in the promotions in general to maintain one’s interest – and later on you’ll see that it does feature other outfits as well: tho’ always high-end and exquisitely manufactured, like these. Here’s a different colour, from the same collection:






Apart from not naming the models, my only cavil is that there are no acknowledgements of the photographer(s) involved – but Anne-Marie seems to be such a super-woman, maybe she does it all herself…:


Versie 2






… you’ve probably guessed by the size of these images, Anne-Marie is also web-savvy enough to put all her collections in a Dropbox page on the main site – as well as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., etc. The link is here: have a browse if you get frustrated waiting for me to select my favourites…The Facebook link below is to Anne-Marie’s personal account: somehow she also manages to have a private life…


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