Routine Day by Ken Isaka on Flickr


This is probably not a “girl” in the sense I use the word, since the photographer, Ken Isaka, has about a hundred photos on Flickr (see image link below) – and the models are all young women. Her body shape seems juvenile, however – and the state of her hand suggests a youthful impatience with regard to dirt…. There are two accompanying shots – not as arresting, but useful testimony to the effect the photographer was trying to achieve (and possibly the first one indicating how her hands got that dirty….):



….they’re both called “Rabbit”, while the initial image is ironically entitled “Routine Day” – shot in May, 2011 in Osaka. The mask is wonderful – a nice balance between cute and scary. Ken’s home site has fewer interesting shots than Flickr, but these show that given a chance he can get away from the humdrum portraits he usually does, and produce some really evocative work…

By the way, the Tumblr link I’ll give at the end has an erroneous attribution: while the photographer named, Alena Beljakova, also uses white rabbit masks in her work, she obviously isn’t Ken Isaka.

Routine Day


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