Alisa Vertyachikh and Annie Sutormina by Anna Volk


Russian children’s fashion photographer Anna Volk (sometimes translated as Wolf) has a couple of claims to fame – at least from my point of view. She’s the author of this gorgeous study of fellow Russian Alisa Vertyachikh (along with a few others from the same session), is the historic photographer of many of Annie Sutormina‘s best portraits, and has produced at least two other classics in the genre that this blog celebrates. For now I’ll stick with Alisa and Annie, leaving the other classics and a rundown of Anna’s other work to the next post.

First, Alisa:








…..she’s a pretty girl – and whether the shots had a fashion origin or not, Anna visibly put a lot of effort into making eleven-year-old Alisa show the beautiful young teen emerging from the pretty girl: see the video at the end for an idea of how young she looked and sounded back when she was nine (and with very creditable English).

Next, Annie – one of my favourite faces: it must be hard to produce a bad shot of her, but Anna has taken some of the most memorable:












……and the three images from Annie’s Facebook photostream below aren’t by Anna: they’re just gratuitous examples of my admiration for her!


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