Kaylyn Slevin by Olesja Mueller for Child Model Magazine

Kaylyn Slevin by Olesja Mueller for Child Model Magazine


This is Kaylyn Slevin as photographed by Olesja Mueller for Child Model Magazine: Kaylyn has moved so far beyond this look that she doesn’t even feature it on her Instagram feed (she doesn’t have Facebook). Olesja has it on her site along with the other magazine covers she’s achieved, and on Instagram (see link below) – but it’s missing from Facebook – this time not even featuring there among the other covers.


…..and as you can see – it’s easier finding a reasonable format with the logo than without it: and my initial version is even slightly bumped up.

There’s a good reason for all this: it happened five years ago – and I seem to be stuck in the past like all the Pinterest hairstyle pinners who fill up the Google search hits pages. Since then, Kaylyn has morphed into Jordyn Jones (Kaylyn on the left, as far as I remember):

…..well, she is sixteen….  Obviously there’s a quality she’s lost along the way – but from her lack of interest in photos of back when she was cute rather than hot, I don’t think she’s that worried….

Child Model magazine cover

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……and Olesja? One good reason why she probably isn’t so interested in old work like this, is because she made the decision after her father’s death to stop the Gallery Row Studio headshot work, and concentrate on more inspired, creative projects:

When my dad was alive (just a week ago:( – he was very sad to see me working so much. I was in Latvia, working day and night, editing, doing proofs, producing photosessions…He thought I would not last long, going like that. This image is a sneak peek from a wonderful shoot we did in Saint-Petersburg to the theme of Russian Literature, styled and shot by me. In memory of my dad, I am restructuring my whole photographic services. Life is short and beautiful. While headshots are important, let's not stop there, but let's create true beauty with our kids, and make them feel like the special souls that they are. I am going to be releasing the most fabulous website describing our new sessions, starting with NYC trip later this month. In the meantime, if you are looking to get those awesome headshots and you are on a budget, I suggest you join us for the last sessions of this kind in Orlando this Sunday. 🙂 www.GalleryRowStudio.Bigcartel.com

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The relevant site is still up, but nothing’s been added since the announcement on Instagram you can see above. She’s Latvian, from Riga, moving to Los Angeles and starting the studio in 2006. I mentioned in a previous post (see link above) that she now uses Mueller-Astrauskas on Facebook, and her shots of her family are so sweet that I’ll finish with one she took of her husband Tomas and son Linas – next time I’ll try to include daughter Sophie:


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She loved life and it loved her right back❣

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