Brooklyn Burbidge by Rebecca Loren

Brooklyn Burbidge by Rebecca Loren

Mark Olich, the photographer from the previous post, spends his working life surrounded by girls and young women in tutus, tights and leotards: while researching that post I came across this little ballerina (Brooklyn Burbidge) – by Salt Lake City photographer Rebecca Loren. Her milieu is usually weddings and ladies with bumps – but she captured the grace and beauty inherent in girls’ dance preparation as unerringly as Mark:


……the lacing-the-pumps shot is obviously a cliché of ballet photography – but the underlying message is always relevant: the formal beauty that we appreciate isn’t the point – the dancer is doing something athletic and taxing, that needs careful preparation. Tutus and leotards flatter the girlish figure, but they’re worn to facilitate and give form to the dance: enjoy….

Here are some more from Rebecca’s session with Brooklyn:






……sweet, but the first one is the money-shot (look at the clarity in the detail of Brooklyn’s fingers).

That was all of six years ago, and now Brooklyn says on Facebook (image link below) that she works at Northwest Florida Ballet, so her dancing has clearly led to a career. The NFB put up a short video on Facebook about a year ago of her doing a dress rehearsal for her leading rôle as “Cinderella” (see below), and she’s listed as being a member of the Corps de Ballet – and also as an instructor for the Middle School of the Company’s Academie. Finally, if you watch the YouTube video at the end, you can see her being expertly lifted in a demonstration…..Rebecca would be proud of where her little dance model has ended up…


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