Sainte Claire by on Tumblr

Sainte Claire by on Tumblr

I was trying to reblog an entire Tumblr post featuring the Spanish children’s fashion brand Sainte Claire, but with the fact that you have to click on the pictures, since they’re external images – and of course that it’s in Spanish – I decided to manually copy the thing bit by bit. It’s worth it if you can see what lovely images they are, and can read the text (despite the Googlese) – and go to the blog itself, which is packed with similar goodies (the featured image above the title I chose, just as a pretty addition to the Sainte Claire styles featured).

Here goes:

Sainte Claire Children Fashion Spring/Summer

Good morning, today I bring a very interesting brand, Sainte Claire children’s fashion spring summer. It is a brand that I have already talked to you a lot of times, it is one of the leading national brands that we can not leave in the ink. Here I bring you the looks I have selected for girls and teenagers. Another day I put the little things for baby and try to make a selection for boy.

As you will see if you take a look at past collections Sainte Claire has its own unique and indisputable style. Stylish clothes, with a certain romantic, classic and elegant air. But without ceasing to be super comfortable clothes and with an impressive quality.



Sets of clothing very original, take the flyers but we can also buy clothes with oriental style.



I love the dresses of this brand, I remind you that they also have perfect dresses for ceremonies and also for communions.




On these lines one of the most “different” sets of the entire collection, a dark dress pants with a wide sleeve shirt.


Many of these sets are perfect for older girls, for teens. They are sets with lots of style and character!



Under these lines I already leave a little test of the collection of fashion for baby.


(Source: )

That’s it – even including the baby’s bloomers- and the final problem is that if I give the actual post as a normal link, you’ll get the whole thing all over again – but with image-links you have to click on, and all in Spanish – what I’ll do is give the web address without the *https://www* for any keen Spanish-speakers:

….and yes, the gappy-toothed main model is extraordinarily photogenic – one of the many really excellent Spanish girl models. Just hope I never discover her name – or it’ll be a six-part post, at least….

¡Qué nervios! Pronto una sorpresa n_n #sainteclaire #kidsfashion #comunion

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