Untitled by Tamara Cerná (SofiG)

Untitled by Tamara Cerná (SofiG)

[No apologies for a third post dedicated in the most part to ballet images: as you’ll see, there are more differences than similarities…]


…..potential child abuse, I’d have thought – she looks freezing!! When your model’s legs start going blue, you know you’re becoming obsessive about the shot (link here)…….

Joking apart, the photographer is Czech ex-prima ballerina Tamara Černá (who uses SofiG as a pseudonym) – probably the only living photographer I’ve posted on with her own Wiki:

Tamara Černá is a Czech photographer. She was previously a prima ballerina and ballet master at the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre in Ostrava in the east of the Czech Republic.

Černá was persuaded by the photographer Vojtěch Bartek to try theatrical photography. Her photographs were first exhibited at the Thalia Gallery of the Antonín Dvořák Theatre in Ostrava in January 2008.” (Wikipedia.org)

The strange thing about her is that she’s the creator of two of the most reposted ballet images in children’s photography, but seems happy to hide them under a, um, bushel:



…..and we can also add these:



……the second image being the only one of this little model that she has anywhere on her dedicated site, while she has none (not even the first featuring the frozen mini-ballerina) on Facebook (see image link below). I’m sure she has her reasons – probably as much in order to allow attention to be put on her more recent output – and also that, although she has a gallery for images of children on her site, they are rather incidental to her major studies of adult dancers. It’s interesting to compare her with Mark Olich from a couple of posts ago, in that as she isn’t attached to a working theatre with a Corps de Ballet and an attached Ballet Academie, her shots tend to concentrate far more on studies of individuals, with more dramatic stylings – moving recently towards boudoir, quasi-erotic treatments: see her work on Google+.

Here are a few of her limited portfolio featuring girls – and not only dancers……












……but also a fish-cuddler and a butt-flasher…..

Here’s a taster for some of her (tamer) adult styles:

….and finally the photographer herself: apparently single, and currently moving away from the black and white classic ballet images that she started with –  a pity from the artistic point of view, since she’s proved herself to be an extraordinary capturer of children and their emotions in particular, but probably a good commercial move…:



2 thoughts on “Untitled by Tamara Cerná (SofiG)

  1. She also enjoys demonstrating the musculature of the ballerinas – more than Mark Olich, who goes for painterly, Degas-esque swirls of costume, groups of dancers together, and more romantic than sensual. Personally I’d love to know who the little ballerina was – a niece, family friend, just a member of a ballet school? At least she found a sort of immortality at just four or five….


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