Amelia Wantuch (Amelek) by Monika Serek

Amelia Wantuch (Amelek) by Monika Serek


Well, Polish model Amelia Wantuch (Amelek) says (on the only “home” site that seems to have any information about her – that she’s just twelve years old, from Boleslawiec (in ex-Prussian Silesia): tho’ obviously her age could be a bit out-of-date. Child models looking years older than their actual age are no great surprise – and in fact there are shots where, with more makeup, she looks even older than this – for example:





…..particularly the last one, with the photographer’s watermark for Polish photographer Monika Serek. In the title I gave her as the named photographer, since most of the images on the agent’s site (see link above) are by her.

I tracked down her mother’s Facebook account, and even there all the relevant photos of Amelia are by Monika. Here are some:




…..and unsurprisingly you discover that her mother, Andżelika, is young, attractive, and probably an ex-model herself:



……and suddenly Amelia looks the age she is – and you realise that my opening image of her wearing over-the-knee socks and a rather wan expression is probably her interpretation of how she’s seen her mother pose. Amelia herself has two Facebook accounts (see below for image-links) – a normal one with only a few photos and a lot of music (she’s a Lana del Rey fan), and an interesting one under the pseudonym “A Fashion” – which seems to function mainly as a link to a large number of bloggers – possibly indicating a direction this switched-on girl could go (if she hasn’t already).

Here’s a final gallery, mixing shots from the agents , Monika, and the three Facebook accounts:











…..and a final shot of Amelia – whom I’ve come to respect and understand more as I’ve researched her. Monika seems to be mainly a portrait, studio photographer – while Amelia seems more interested in fashion and modern trends in music. If she ever reads this (which is highly unlikely), I’d recommend that she goes with agents that can find fashion-based modelling work: and make a more focused use of her really exceptional photogenic qualities, that are tinged with a little sadness and angst. This is how you’d expect to see her in the street – lovely long hair, slightly puffy eyes from too many late nights listening to music; and a face waiting to be transformed by makeup from a twelve-year-old into an uneasy seventeen-year-old:


Not to say that her go-to photographer Monika isn’t a really talented photographer for studio work – this is her – another ex model? And just for good measure – and because they’re lovely portraits by her – the first two (at least) being her daughter:






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