Carlota, Mencía and Macarena – Rouss and Triplets

Carlota, Mencía and Macarena – Rouss and Triplets

These are six-year-old Spanish girl triplets, now stars of Instagram and Facebook, named Carlota, Mencía and Macarena (is it a name? Apparently…):








Triplets account for about 1:1,000 births worldwide, but I don’t know if these three came from an infertility treatment, which renders the actual statistical probability higher. It all looks incredibly cute – particularly since they do promotions and act as brand ambassadors for various companies (for fashion that includes two of my favourite Spanish brands – Kid’s Chocolate and Pepito by Chus) – so they get snapped by professionals, the sweet sitting-on-the-kitchen-counter set by M & M Photography (see image-link below):
















…..however, their mother Rocío is clear about the danger and doubts their birth created – this is a translation of the text to the Instagram image-link below:

“Today 6 years ago you came to the world dolls !!! I will not say it was a nice and joyful day because I would lie. It was the day you came to the world but it was a very hard day, bitter and distressing because until we did not have you here we did not know how we played it, but dad and I played it without hesitation even a second from the day we were told that you were Three, to the point that I almost lost my life that day for you. And despite those days of suffering, separated from you from the loneliness of my ICU, without knowing, without scents, without caressing and without being able to have you in my arms I tell you that I would expose my life for you again and again without Doubt it not even a second !!!!! Every day you teach us that life is coming to enjoy and to be happy no matter how much she puts obstacles and obstacles. You are three suns ☀️☀️☀️ (well, I’m going to say ???) good daughters, granddaughters, nieces, cousins, friends, good students, and fighters born since you created and so continue showing us day a day. Carlota you for the disease that you have to live with and with which you do honor registration and without any “but” ever !!! You are a jabata !!! Macarena and Mencia, besides all that I have already said, for being two champions, happy, happy, for wanting you so much and for making your sister’s illness like yours in a natural and sweet way (and see that it is difficult to achieve) Always with a smile, encouraging us and making Dad and me have given us life when we have had moments of downturn. You are our greatest pride and motives do not lack !!!! For all this we can only say: THANK YOU for being the best daughters of the world !!! 😍😍😍 Happy birthday LITTLE CHAMPIONS !!!! 🎂🎂🎂 We love you so much !!!! ❤️❤️❤️”(@roussandtwins)

… you can read, she ended up in intensive care – and possibly as a result of their difficult birth, Carlota has a chronic illness. They’re still a bit small for six-year-olds, but their love for each other is wonderful beyond description. This is probably my favourite:


…….I think that Rocío has taken a potentially difficult situation, and turned it into something enviable and positive. With the contacts and understanding of the fashion/modelling business she’s getting, one or more of the girls could easily end up in child modelling – Carlota would be my choice, as she’s the most photogenic – but whatever happens, the fact of bringing up three children in such a positive atmosphere can only be good for them. Here they are as babies:


……and with their mother:


Hoy hace 6 años que vinisteis al mundo muñecas!!! No diré que fue un día bonito y alegre porque mentiría. Fue el día que vinisteis al mundo pero fue un día muy duro, amargo y angustioso porque hasta no teneros aquí no sabíamos cómo nos la jugábamos, pero papá y yo nos la jugamos sin dudarlo ni un solo segundo desde el día que nos dijeron que erais tres, hasta tal punto que casi pierdo la vida aquel día por vosotras. Y a pesar de aquellos días de sufrimiento, separada de vosotras desde la soledad de mi UCI, sin conoceros, sin oleros, sin acariciaros y sin poder teneros entre mis brazos os digo que volvería a exponer mi vida por vosotras una y mil veces más sin dudarlo ni un solo segundo !!!!! Cada día nos enseñáis que a la vida se viene a disfrutar y a ser felices por mucho que ella te ponga trabas y obstáculos. Sois tres soles ☀️☀️☀️ ( bueno, yo que voy a decir??? ) buenas hijas, nietas, sobrinas, primas, amigas, buenas estudiantes, y unas luchadoras natas desde que os creasteis y así nos lo seguís demostrando día a día. Carlota tú por la enfermedad que con la que te ha tocado convivir y con la que lo haces de matrícula de honor y sin ningún "pero" jamás !!! Eres una jabata !!! Macarena y Mencia además de todo lo que ya he dicho, por ser dos campeonas, alegres, dicharacheras, por quereros tanto y por hacer que la enfermedad de vuestra hermana sea como vuestra de una manera natural y dulce ( y mira que es difícil conseguirlo) siempre con una sonrisa, animándonos y haciendo que a Papá y a mí nos hayáis dado la vida cuando hemos tenido momentos de bajón. Sois nuestro mayor orgullo y motivos no nos faltan !!!! Por todo ello solo podemos deciros : GRACIAS por ser las mejores hijas del mundo !!!!!! 😍😍😍 Feliz cumpleaños PEQUEÑAS CAMPEONAS !!!! 🎂🎂🎂 Os queremos mucho !!!! ❤️❤️❤️ #roussandtriplets #lachupipandimolona #cumpleañosfeliz #cumpleaños #happybirthay #seisaños #campeonas #hijasmaravillosas #nuestromayororgullo #triplets #trillizas #molonas

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