Juli by Sarah Camille Stolp

Juli by Sarah Camille Stolp



Sarah (Camille) Stolp is highly unusual, in that she’s a name Dutch model in her own right (with Linda Models at one time, now with Monster Management in Milan), but also has worked as a photographer for a number of years. Here she is:



….while from November 2011 to September 2013 she posted over a hundred and fifty model test images on her own Tumblr blog (see image-link below) – from which the ones featuring Juli were taken: and those two in particular have been reposted, repinned and reblogged thousands of times.

I’m pretty sure Juli is/was over eighteen at the time, but Dutch models quite often do reasonably sensual fashion and portrait modelling from about thirteen onwards – this is Romy Mathot from Haarlem, who was sixteen when these were taken (now nineteen):




…..here’s another shot of Juli that Sarah posted, as well as the featured image above the title:


……and some more of Sarah’s model tests for two other girls – Sanne de Vries and Nikita van Delzen (the blonde):

……you get the feeling that if you wrapped a modelling contract around a brick, and threw it as far as possible off a Dutch dike, it’d succeed in stunning at least one unfeasibly tall ectomorphic teenage girl. Remember the length of Alice Fidler’s legs in this post?


Meanwhile Sarah’s Facebook page is pretty moribund (see image link below, if moribund interests you), and Twitter has suspended her account (what did she do??).

Is she still shooting models? Modelling herself? I really don’t know. The images on Tumblr show a definite talent, and presumably completely self taught – so at least she’s got two arrows to her bow….could try shooting them at future Dutch model stars while standing on my dike…


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