Bouguereau: Salt of the Earth

I’m less interested in spiritual aspects than Scott, but would completely agree with his affirmation about Bouguereau reflecting a reverence for life in his work, and would add that Puritan/Augustinian rejection of the body (and so depictions of the body) by equating it with sin has created a divisive cultural/social climate that goes far beyond religion.

Celestial Venus

william-bouguereau-in-his-studio-1898-what-a-great-photo-you-can-see-the-mo William Bouguereau in his studio 1898

William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825 – 1905) needs little introduction since
he has regained fame in recent years after a period of neglect in the
twentieth century. He was the quintessential French salon painter of the
nineteenth century, so consequently he was scorned by the avant-garde.
His range of subject matter was diverse, his oeuvre included portraits,
genre scenes, mythological nudes and religious pictures. Fronia E.
Wissman noted he often showed in one exhibition paintings that
contrasted each other to demonstrate his mastery of subjects. For
example, in 1880 Salon he showed Young Girl Defending Herselfagainst
Eros and The Flagellation of Christ.

young-girl-defending-herself-against-eros-1880-sml William Bouguereau Young Girl Defending herself Against Eros 1880

william-adolphe_bouguereau_1825-1905_-_the_flagellation_of_our_lord_jesus_christ_1880 William Bouguereau The Flagellation of Christ 1880

Several years ago a saw an exhibit of religious works from the collection of the Uffizi in Florence, all of the works in the exhibit were from…

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