Bonpoint SS13 à la David Hamilton….According to First Luxe Mag

Bonpoint SS13 à la David Hamilton….According to First Luxe Mag




…..I’m really not trying to drag in the late British Francophile photographer David Hamilton, but if I may quote myself from a few weeks ago:

“His soft-focus, misty, languorous, intimate type of female portraiture informs fashion photography as much as studio and erotic/glamour – basically it was beautiful, tactile, and extraordinarily feminine. I really think that in a few years his influence will be seriously rehabilitated….”

….well, also I can’t say that it’s a reaction to his passing, as the images above (from a Bonpoint collection) come from an article posted in April 2013 – but attached was the assessment:

Delicate lace dresses, linen gauze and fluo jacquard, smocked yarn blouses with ribbon, soft mesh cardigan or even colored barefoot,  give the silhouettes a note of lightness for looks resolutely dreamy … à la David Hamilton.” (First Luxe Mag)

….I must say that I’ve seen young girls’ fashion photography that was more Hamiltonesque than this, but it shows how the French, at least (it’s a French-language blog), associate dreamy feminine sensuality, gauzy dress outlines and deliberately soft focusing (the third shot) with DH – and unlike the uptight Anglos, aren’t afraid to say it.

Here’s a close-up and some more of the collection, from MilK Magazine:






…..the last one being something of a girls’ fashion photography classic – and here at least the floaty nature of the last two dresses does bring to mind David’s love of loose, Grecian-style sihouettes:


The actual Bonpoint shots were taken from the runway show back in 2013, with more images showing the models walking in the Milk blog, here.


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