Probably Not the Dream of the Brazilian Child Model…Julia Mayer and Elia Mas Blanque by Danielle Cohen Dinar

Probably Not the Dream of the Brazilian Child Model…Julia Mayer and Elia Mas Blanque by Danielle Cohen Dinar



…. to be photographed with an octopus slapped over her head, that is. The photographer in question is Danielle Cohen Dinar –  and if you have time, please click on the Facebook image-link below and give her a like: it shows how the first photo was stolen by a guy on Instagram who then went on to rack up nearly 20,000 likes.

Julia looks a little glacial, but quite probably was told it was meant to be serious art. Danielle is a seriously strange choice for a kids’ photographic session by Sugar Kids: she’s a performance artist primarily, and her photography is extreme and occasionally erotic ….they must have known what to expect. Here’s the rest of the set, the model with the fierce freckles being Elia Mas Blanque:









My hopefully-not-too-cryptic title refers to Hokusai’s Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife that pretty well started the Japanese tentacle-sex obsession right back in 1814 (this is a detail where baby-octopus has a little, um, kiss):


….one interesting point is that Hokusai’s text (in columns on the wood-block print itself) makes it clear that the young woman eventually enjoyed the experience of frolicking with the octopuses, after remonstrating with them at first: and anime tentacle-sex is notable for the fact that it (rather unusually) depicts female pleasure for its own sake – since tentacles aren’t sex organs, there’s really only her to be pleasured…

As well as anime there are numerous photographs that pick up on the convoluted psychology and imagery of females and octopuses – I purposefully chose just a couple of tamer ones:







As far as girls and octopuses go, there aren’t many shots that I could find – probably owing something to the sexual implications, but also to the basic yuk factor that probably puts younger models off – and in fact I’ve just got one ‘shopped image that originally had nothing to do with octopuses, and two dolls’ heads:




[Later I came across this lovely extra by the great Anna Ajtner of her daughter Sandra similarly trying on an octopus to see if anybody notices….:]


Anyway, an interesting one-off session that demonstrates again how often fashion photography (I’m presuming the swimsuit brand paid for the session – Sugar Kids don’t give a name) can produce art that’s up there with studio photographers – and Julia has never looked haughtier… I’m happy….


2 thoughts on “Probably Not the Dream of the Brazilian Child Model…Julia Mayer and Elia Mas Blanque by Danielle Cohen Dinar

  1. I love freckles, always have. Freckles make my heart race and my knees wobble.
    Freckles are recherché, a delicate gift from this vast universe and the heavens above.
    But now freckles make me think of dead octopi, smell rotted fish, and I will never sleep again.
    I curse you, curse you to everlasting hell with the consuming rage of one thousand suns.


  2. I tried to get some information about Elia, but drew a “blanque” (ouch..) – so I can’t help you there, I’m afraid: I’d just put my thumb in my mouth and spend a happy half-hour browsing @liliannakruk, till all you see are gap-teeth girls generously sprayed with freckles enjoying the California sun…

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