Kristina (Kristya) and Alexandra (Sanya) Shmidt by Ksusha Kibireva

Kristina (Kristya) and Alexandra (Sanya) Shmidt by Ksusha Kibireva

This is a quick posting of two sets featuring mainly eleven-year-old Russian rhythmic gymnast/model Kristina (Kristya) Shmidt, including her younger sister Alexandra (Sanya) – also a gymnast and model – since images from the sessions by fellow-Russian photographer Ksusha Kibireva are appearing on the web with no context or sources. Later I’ll do a follow-up with other photographs from gymnastic displays, rehearsals, modelling work etc. by the two girls.















This is Kristya, the eldest of three sisters from Saint Petersburg, the other two being Sanya and Nicol – and as you can see, she isn’t messing around. Even I can tell that she’s an excellent competitor, and not just working out because her model agency told her to. As for the modelling, I’ll leave that till the next post where I feature her and her younger sister. Here is Sanya – and there’s not much difference, except for her sticky-out ears: but if you want to see a successful girl model who could out-do Dumbo, look no further than the gorgeous Meika Woollard:







I’ll leave it there, giving more information about their parents, little sister, model agency (in case Gabito is getting twitchy…), etc. in the next post, as I said (next post on them, that is….!!)……

The YouTube vid shows a 9 sec. clip of the three girls (plus ever-present family cat), followed by one of Kristya in competition – don’t be confused, the “2005” is meant to be “2015”…


2 thoughts on “Kristina (Kristya) and Alexandra (Sanya) Shmidt by Ksusha Kibireva

  1. The rest of their portfolios are much more standard-Russian-fashion-model, with some gymnastics thrown into the mix – these are so straightforward and direct that it’s almost like admiring classical sculpture: really beautiful – makes me dislike the spangly costumes, scrunched-up hair and ridiculous eye make-up they wear for competitions even more!!

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