Laura Raczka Niemas I

Laura Raczka Niemas I

🎶 Say it out loud – I’m Polish and I’m proud….🎶

Finally the first of a couple of promised posts featuring the Spanish child model (based in Madrid) Laura Niemas – only while she may live in Spain, she’s also very proud of her Polish heritage. At the beginning of her Instagram feed she actually called herself Laura Raczka (and still does, sometimes), then Laura R Niemas, before reverting to the simpler Laura Niemas – and she often tags her posts with the hashtags #polishgirl and #polishmodel, as well as #spanishgirl and #spanishmodel. She’s blonde like many Poles, but Spanish girls’ brands seem to make a point of using blonde models – despite brunette being logically more common among their client base, one would have thought……still, you couldn’t get much more blonde than those two princesses….

This first post is dedicated to her work for the Sainte Claire brand – despite a previous one that has already published a few. She’s on the books of the Sugar Kids agency, based in Madrid and Barcelona, but has been consistently chosen by Sainte Claire as the visible face of their collections – to the extent that when you click on the “shop” part of their site you see  a version of this:


….and on Facebook the brand’s cover photo is this:


…..the site also has a YouTube video, presented as its “Project” – or signature style – with Laura as the main protagonist:

The work she’s done for them is so recogniseable that it almost represents one iconic image – every shot increasing her identity with the brand, and vice-versa:





















She’s also done some swimsuit modelling for Sainte Claire – the sticky-out left arm seeming to be a trade mark of whoever photographed these catalogue shots (and yes, that is a weird umbilicus!):








….apart from her tummy-button, her Bugs-sized teeth are rather notable – but I’ve mentioned many times how this is a positive when it comes to modelling – making the face more recogniseable, friendlier, and probably seem younger as well.

Here’s a final gallery:

The photo of Laura wearing a First Communion-type formal dress in the Sainte Claire Instagram image-link immediately below is rather typical: a couple of times they acknowledge Laura by name in the links attached to posted images, but never on Facebook or the main site – and it’s only through Laura that I’ve understood that the creator of a lot of the portraits like this is Tobi Carrasco, a Madrid-based commercial and fashion photographer – and he has the same image on the home page of his dedicated site (I wonder if he’s the originator of the hand-on-hip swimsuit model?).

[This is a little addition to show appreciation for Thflg‘s regular encouragement and enthusiasm (see comment below): go and peruse his blog – just girls’ fashion it ain’t…]


Special Ocassions, Sainte Claire

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