Helena and Kiara: Children of Africa by Sigi Kolbe

Helena and Kiara: Children of Africa by Sigi Kolbe


Kiara (the white girl) is the photographer’s daughter, and was nine when this was taken back in January 2010. They live in Namibia, where mother Sigi Kolbe was born in the capital, Windhoek – she describes herself as “a pale native of this beautiful country.”

Her photography is inspired mostly by painting, and particularly surrealism (to look at she’s a bit of a mature-hippy/goth type – in her self-portraits she wears black filigree gloves à la Madonna) – so the directness of this is refreshing. She adds some inspirational text:

This image captures the concept of reconciliation and change evident in our young independent Namibia. The hope lies in our children. They carry no hatred, instead willing to form bonds through friendship to move forward.”(Sigi Kolbe, Flickr.com)

Her portraits of Kiara are worth a post in themselves, as she’s a typical example of the daughter-muse we’ve become so used to seeing on Flickr…..no promises!

Children of Africa


2 thoughts on “Helena and Kiara: Children of Africa by Sigi Kolbe

  1. Hi! I’m always in two minds as to whether I prefer a whole-page layout for images, or to have the archive, tag cloud, search function etc. at the side in the most easily-accessed place. When I get a really beautiful wide photograph I always start regretting the one I’ve chosen!! Thanks for the input – I’d love to hear anything else you want to express…


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