Julia Mayer via Jane Gonzalez

Julia Mayer via Jane Gonzalez

After posting yesterday’s offering featuring Isa Battaglin’s portraits of Kristina Pimenova and Ella Gross, I was struck by this pretty headshot on her Instagram feed – from a few hours previously:


…..hmmm, you’re thinking, not Julia Mayer…. No, but it is another Sugar Kids model, Arrieta (see below for Instagram link) – and I idly followed up a link to Assistant @jane_gonz: who turned out to be….. Julia Mayer’s mother, Jane Gonzalez! She bills herself as a digital retouch student, proficient with Capture One and Photoshop…..and presumably she’d worked professionally on retouching Arrieta’s portrait for Isa….pretty good..

So…..here’s a different perspective of Julia from her mother’s feed (see here for previous evidence of my own obsession, and below for an image link):







Jane’s feed obviously includes other family members, including Julia’s older brother Max (also a model) – alike as two peas in a pod – first on his own, then with his mother:



……the girl next to Max in the image-link below being Vera Babkina – Julia’s great friend – with whom she shares the Rose Moustache blog….worth a peruse if you’d like to see even more unedited, relaxed images and insights into this charming, unspoilt girl….

#amigos en #petitstylewalking

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