Angel – Devil: Ksenia (Xenia) Cosmo by Yulia (Giulia) Rubtsova

Angel – Devil: Ksenia (Xenia) Cosmo by Yulia (Giulia) Rubtsova








…..I was thinking about adding an “Angels” gallery to the existing widgets – and while going through likely candidates, I was reminded of this set by yet another Russian photographer: Yulia (Giulia) Rubtsova.

It dates right back to 2012 (according to her photostream, from where I got most of the set), and apart from just one image on her home site, seems to have been largely forgotten. The Angel/Devil girl is one of the many Ksenia/Xenia-named models on FKids, represented by President Kids – her name in Russian being Ксения Космо – translating as Xenia (Ksenia) Cosmo. She appears since to have become a muse for photographer Ira Bachinskaya, who has oodles of sessions with her on Facebook (see image-link below). Meanwhile Yulia seems to have moved on…her Instagram feed is mainly personal stuff, tho’ I managed to find one professional shot for the image-link below. 

Photographers (and artists generally) seem to like giving flesh to the angel-devil antithesis: and using one model for both parts highlights the idea that we all have good and bad potentialities inside us fighting it out (apart from saving money on two girls!). Ksenia has the perfect innocent face for the rôle – and it’s interesting that despite her age she’s given the fetish adornments of black fishnet tights and gloves, hinting at the Augustinian concept of Original Sin’s primarily sexual nature…..also that the Devil himself is traditionally supposed to be a fallen angel….

Having said that, the session probably started when Yulia found the costumes, and thought what a dramatic result she could achieve with relatively little work involved – and she was using Ksenia at the time for sets like these, anyway:



…….meanwhile Yulia herself – while not being exactly devilish – can certainly bring to mind the sins of the flesh….. this is she:



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