Zoe (Zoya/Zoja) Kurzenkova by Olesya Nakipova

Zoe (Zoya/Zoja) Kurzenkova by Olesya Nakipova


Olesya Nakipova, the photographer for this shot (yes…another Russian!!), really isn’t a children’s photographer – she has a Fashion Kids.ru page with ten photos, and her associated blog on the site has precisely two: that were on the dedicated page anyway….

The really strange thing is that she has a couple of lovely portraits of the same model, thirteen-year-old Zoe Kurzenkova – reblogged, repinned and reposted all over the web, each with her distinctive watermark – that aren’t there:




…..and she doesn’t seem to acknowledge them anywhere else, either…tho’ to be honest one of the ten on Fashion Kids is also of Zoe:


…..which is also on her home site along with my opening b&w shot (which is also the only child portrait she has on Instagram, see image-link below), and this almost identical take – as the only indication she’s done sessions with Zoe:


….they’re clearly from the same set as the colour portrait further up where she’s wearing boots – and while I’m sure there must be other ones around by Olesya featuring her, these are all I could find in the obvious places…..

Zoe has worked with most of the usual suspects: Yana Chuvalova, Julia Voronova, Gabito Rohh, Zhanna Bianca, Alexandrslab, etc. – and she has Olesya’s missing images on her FKids page, being rightly proud of them. Here’s a brief gallery of some of her finest moments:


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