Double Portraits: Lisa Visser

Double Portraits: Lisa Visser

Lisa Visser (married name Lisa Weldon) is one of those photographers – like Ryan Mills – that I’ve fought shy of doing a complete post on: not that it would be difficult. She has a site, most of her stuff is available on Facebook, and she’s a committed enterer of photographic competitions – but, like Ryan, she’s dauntingly brilliant: I almost feel like giving links to her galleries and saying “go look yourself – it’s pointless me selecting from seamless perfection…”

Anyway, the route I’ve chosen is via her less-often reposted shots featuring pairs of models: twins, non-twin sisters, and just two girls together. First the identical twins Leah and Aimee:





…..and yes, there is a slight difference in the poses for the last two portraits. These are typical of her portfolio: you can recognise her style instantly in a mixed gallery of portraits: the slightly lighter treatment of the faces, the luminous skin quality, and the ability to have dark outfits against a dark background that still manage to stand out just enough. Needless to say, her models are chosen to some extent for their photogenic qualities – but she still does commissioned portraits that are just as attractive. This is what Lisa says on her blog about the session:

I had the pleasure of photographing twins Leah and Aimee for their update photos for their acting agent earlier last year and when I met them I just had to ask mum to bring them back to me later in the year to try out some more creative images of the girls as what I had in mind wouldn’t really be suitable for acting headshots. This was one of my favourite shoots of 2015.”

…..and being able to add:

Had the most amazing night at the Master Photographers Association Awards 2015. The evening began by me winning an Award of Excellence with my image of twins Leah and Aimee in the Epson B/W competition.”(

Next, twins Luna and Lara:



Then sisters Poppie and Daisie:


….this portrait winning her a Master Photographers Association UK Portrait Photographer of the Year award (see image-link below).

More sisters –  Honey Mae and India:



….then another “India” – model/actress/singer India Jazz (the shorter one), and her bestie Grace:






……though I’m assuming they’re all by Lisa, as I took them from India’s Instagram feed (see image-link below) – where only a couple have her named as the photographer. The next lot are miscellaneous:






… I said, she’s an inveterate competition enterer, winning many awards and prizes, and is also one of the few female Fellows of the Master Photographers Association. She’s married, British, with a studio in Copthorne, West Sussex (near Gatwick Airport and the south coast) and bills herself as a “Fine Art Photographer”, tho’ admitting that she’s getting more and more requests for headshot and model test sessions from young models and actresses (like India Jazz above).

One day I’ll summon the nerve to do a full-scale post on her, but in the meantime you’ve got all the links you need to fully appreciate what a superb artist she is….



3 thoughts on “Double Portraits: Lisa Visser

  1. Her work sure would stand out in a crowd. Especially the twin photos of twins Leah and Aimee; you mentioned they were different so I went back and looked and looked, drawn in to every tiny detail, like figuring out an optical illusion. Fantastic!

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    1. As usual I’ve tweaked the post a bit after publishing – but just details. The amazing thing to me is that she also does commissions – where she can’t pick the appropriate model – and they still come out as the one of the most beautiful girls you’ve ever seen……I wonder how much it’d cost to make me look pretty??!!

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