Apasz Come Quick –  Pola’s Been Manipulated…..

Apasz Come Quick – Pola’s Been Manipulated…..


This is one of many beautiful portraits of his daughter Pola by the Polish photographer Apasz (Skyrzypcyk) – dating back to August 2012. I included it in a brief look at his portfolio here. Then the other day I noticed a cropped b&w version on a Tumblr blog – White Light Blind (see image-link below):


….not remembering the come-hither mascara effect, I compared it with the original:



……and, as you can see, someone’s manipulated the image by subtly adding eye make-up (apart from the cropping and the monochrome). I remembered that I’d previously posted a much more radically ‘shopped version of a Kaegan Baron shot (here), published by the same Tumblr blogger – first the original, then his/her version:



…..again with the colour tones adjusted, cropping and added “mascara”.

Is this a serial manipulator of girls’ images? I’d have to say….. yes:



…..model Amberley Colby…..While some are slightly more subtle:



…..a harmless pastime, obviously – unless  – like Apasz – you’re a fanatical user of film, take great trouble to produce the print you want the public to see, and have a beautiful young daughter who certainly doesn’t need to be “improved” by artificial means….. I said when I published the Kaegan Baron shot previously that I rather liked it – making her look “a little sinister and intriguing“, and I’d stand by that – but the changes to the portrait of Pola just seem a little unnecessary. If you weren’t familiar with the original – or the context – you’d presume she went around in rather unsuitable mascara all the time….

Looking at the blog archive, I’d say that a lot have had the same treatment – I just hope not too many get out and become the accepted version of the original shot: the one I’ve used as the featured image above the title, for example, is the only version that’s searchable: and it looks awfully like the little dear’s wearing far more mascara than mummy would allow….



5 thoughts on “Apasz Come Quick – Pola’s Been Manipulated…..

    1. He’s apologised!! I know, probably half the images I post have been ‘shopped – it just seems a bit more weird to sit there in your parents’ basement adding mascara to other people’s shots of their daughters…..

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  1. I am still an amateur photographer, I love music and I’m still very close to my family. My Mum will be 99 this June. I have recently seen a photo of Ms. Amberley Colby and to be quite stupidly honest, she is the most beautiful, photogenic, astounding female I have ever seen.I felt I needed to say that, for my own sake of awareness. I have nothing else to add. jfl

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    1. She’s a bit out of the age-range I usually post on, since “young woman” is extremely well covered on other blogs, particularly Tumblr – but she is certainly extremely attractive. The “before” is definitely preferable to the “after”… Glad that her portrait brought a follower – hope you like the blog….

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