Kristen by Tom (Doc6366 on Flickr)

Kristen by Tom (Doc6366 on Flickr)

I’ve teased out this photographer’s first name (Tom) from indications given on Flickr posts by his friends, whose versions of his own originals he’s faved. For Flickr he’s just Doc6366, with the moniker Hobbs39 in the web address (possibly Tom Hobbs?). Although he says in his profile that he’s a wedding photographer, there’s no evidence in the photostream – just a fascinating glimpse of his favourite hobby of snapping his daughters and their friends a couple of decades ago.

They come across mostly as amateur photography, but with one or two that have really captured the reposting public’s imagination – first this:


….which shows the clothing style recognisable in a lot of his work: rather flouncy ’50s style frocks and ruffle socks. The girl is his almost constant model, his daughter Kristen – and there’s a companion portrait:


…..and like most of the shots you’ll see here, not exactly disturbing – but with an American Gothic meets American Graffiti flavour….

….and this is probably the one most often given a negative interpretation:


… far as I can see, just because she looks a little defensive…..and her socks aren’t as clean as they could be….if it was by Sergey Bratkov, it’d be proclaimed as great photographic art – here are two of his Kids series with a similar feel:


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Tom has a strong interest in old railways, and this comes across in the locations for some of his portraits:






…..the last one being one of the versions of his originals tweaked by a friend, Dr Freezo (see image link below), with the text:

This incredible photograph was taken by my very good friend, Doc6366 (Tom), of his daughter, Kristen. I loved the image in its original form, but asked him if I could do my own edit on it. This is what I came up with. I decided to try something a little different with coloring and some other various effects.

Significantly the original doesn’t form part of Doc6366‘s Flickr photostream, along with the one of Kristen curled up on the table, or the first portrait in the next group of her with a friend called Jolene (I suppose someone has to be called “Jolene”…..) – clearly at some time he removed various images, for whatever reason:




….I’m sure I’ve seen companion shots to these on repost sites – if I find them I’ll add them. They’re memorable, like the rest of his work – the prettified shoes, “dress-up” flowery “Sunday-best” frocks and careful poses. In comments to a couple of his photos he mentions Williamstown – and I’m guessing it’s the one in Massachusetts, given all the greenery. However, he says his “hometown” is the late, great (but miniscule) Ebbets Field….but also says that he’s a Yankees fan – go figure…  He says he’s single – so either a widower or divorcee – I hope he managed to put up with play-fighting, tongue-poking-out daughters when they were young:


Kristen has a sister called Kasey:


…..who looks to have a completely different character from her, if this portrait is anything to go by. I’ll finish with a few stand-alones and a gallery: the feeling you get is like visiting a different world – happy and uncomplicated. The first one refers to Kristen as an “Irish-American Princess” – another Flickr Dad who dotes on his daughter:


















This post you don’t get overwhelmed by links and sources – for better or worse there’s just the Flickr gallery to go on….tho’ I wonder if Tom’s evident passion for recording his family has found a new, separate life on Facebook or Instagram…..if so, he isn’t telling us…

There’s just one lovely postscript, where he show us Kristen all grown up (back in 2008 – Tom himself must be a fair old age by now) – referred to as the “Asst Photographer” – still with those beautiful eyes:



Kristen On Tracks


3 thoughts on “Kristen by Tom (Doc6366 on Flickr)

  1. What a great but puzzling collection! Some awesome pics, some taken with a 35mm potato. And dirty socks! Always a pet peeve, but freckles make up for everything. 🙂


    1. You get the idea that they weren’t too well-off – that denim skirt seems to have lasted a couple of years – but very united and happy. I think Tom could even be dead – but he shows great character (with terrible spelling and worse punctuation…..!)

      Liked by 1 person

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